Monday, July 28, 2014

Moving Over

So I blogged several years over at Army Blogger Wife, but after Gunner retired, I felt like I had nothing military related to contribute.  Of course most of my stories were about my three beloved children, that allow me to never have a dull moment or experience.

For new readers, the cast of characters are:

Gunner--husband of almost 20 years
Em--16 year old daughter & newly licensed driver
Abs--13 year old daughter & reads too much
Jr--8 year old son & always dressed up and paving his own way in the fashion world

There's me--teacher, campus tech, blogger, triathlete, crossfitter, and perpetual student.

Gunner and I recently returned from a trip around Europe, filled with crazy stories of hotels, sleeping cars, trains that ran over someone, a dead body, and more.

The girls are off at camp, so hopefully I will have a chance to catch up and fill you in on the latest in #onebighappyfamily!


  1. Well glad you are back BUT now I have to figure out how to change to your new page . . . great and thanks! Can't wait for some awesome stories! I got you all changed over and waiting . . . tap, tap, tap

  2. Hey! Yay, you! I don't have a blog notifier anymore so, I will just have to guess when you post again. LOL … I am almost done posting depressing posts. :-)

  3. YEAH! So glad you're back, you have the best stories!

  4. Glad you are back. I don't know how I came across your Army blog several years ago but I did and I loved it. I love you family stories and missed your writing. I am glad to see that family life goes on and you will be sharing stories again. -Sarah